How to Choose the Best Faucet Aerator for Your Home

One of the best ways to cut water and energy use in your home is also one of the easiest. Installing WaterSense® labeled faucet aerators on all your faucets can save, on average, 700 gallons of water per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That’s about the same as skipping 40 showers per year (but less gross).

Faucet aerators are based on a simple concept: Mixing air into water flow saves on water use without sacrificing functionality. Installing them couldn’t be easier: all you need to do is choose the right faucet aerator and screw it on to your faucet.

In a matter of seconds, you’re on your way to serious water savings, all thanks to a simple, no‐ tech device that uses a small screen to divide the flow of water from the faucet. This intersperses the water with air and creates a steady, gentle stream while also decreasing the amount of water needed.

Faucet aerators have the added benefit of reducing energy consumption because they cut down on hot water use and, therefore, on the energy needed to heat the water. According to the EPA, the average family can save enough energy with faucet aerators to run a hairdryer for 10 minutes a day.

Not all faucet aerators are designed the same. A standard faucet aerator gets the job done, providing forceful streams of water regardless of available water pressure at a reduced flow rate. A swivel aerator dual spray provides two forms of water output: a full‐force stream and splash‐ free bubble stream. It also has swivel technology, allowing you to rotate the device 360 degrees. A swivel-faucet aerator with pause provides a dual stream option of full‐force or bubble stream, 360 degree swivel, and a pause‐action valve to reduce water flow to a trickle when needed.

Regardless of which design works best for your home, all faucet aerator options only cost a couple of dollars. Even better, Electric$ense® offers incentives to make them even more affordable. Are you sold yet?

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