6 Easy Water‐Saving Interior Design Tips

Water conservation isn’t just important for our environment; it can help consumers save on utility bills as well. Surprisingly, some water‐saving tips can enhance the look and feel of your space through attractive water‐saving appliances, accessories and other touches.

Here are a few tips on how you can minimize your utility bills all while making your space look more modern and refreshed.

1.Choose a modern water‐saving showerhead.

As water conservation becomes more mainstream, you no longer have to choose between two ugly plastic showerheads if you want to save water. In fact, water‐saving showerheads are just as modern and diverse as their water‐wasting counterparts. That means it’s easier than ever to pinpoint one that matches your current decor. To save more water, look for low gallons per minute (gpm) rates (2.0 gpm or less), which will provide more pressure, but less water use.

Some showerheads have adjustable flow rates, so you can save the higher flow for when you need it, like while you’re rinsing off. Others even have a flow restrictor, which allows you to pause the stream while you lather up or shave. Electric$ense® offers incentives on water‐saving showerheads.

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2.Keep water in your fridge

Whenever you refrigerate drinking water instead of running the tap until it gets cold, you save water. Whether you prefer a ceramic pitcher or glass dispensers, you can match your kitchen’s existing look and feel while saving both water and energy.

3.Install subtle faucet aerators.

Faucet aerators maximize your water flow, just like a water‐efficient showerhead, so less water goes down the drain. They do it by incorporating air into the water flow, which increases the force of the flow without using more water. Since faucet aerators come in a variety of finishes, you can find one that blends right in with your sink setup. Electric$ense® offers incentives on water‐saving faucet aerators.

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4.Decorate with water‐minimal plants.

Succulents, cacti and air plants are fashionable right now, and they’re very easy to find at your local nursery or hardware store’s garden center. These plant varieties don’t require much watering, so maintenance is minimal. Plus, they help keep your home spruced up. Explore creative ways to display them, such as a hanging globe with an air plant inside, a vertical wall planter full of succulents or a single pot with multiple levels featuring your favorite cacti.

5.Use a beautiful basin to catch water—and wash produce.

Did you know you could save gallons of water with a simple basin? When you wait for the water to warm up in the shower, place one under the stream. Collect that excess water and use it for something else, like watering your plants! You can pick one that matches your bathroom’s interior design.

The same goes for the kitchen. You can catch water while waiting for the water heater to kick in and then use that water for washing produce. Choose a bucket or basin you’d like to see around your home that coordinates with the design theme.

6.Upgrade to energy‐efficient lighting.

Good lighting can make a lackluster room feel more inviting. You can take control of your ambience by placing tabletop lamps for reading, hanging an eye-catching chandelier with candelabra bulbs, or place a sculptural floor lamp to bring a focal point to a room. To match your stylish fixtures, use energy‐efficient LEDs to reduce the energy use and cost of keeping them on. Electric$ense® offers incentives on energy‐efficient lighting.

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